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in the united states. >> also, celebrating the beginning of a dream: live in washington, dc, making a milestone in the fight for civi >> covering novato,," sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> today is the 50th anniversary of a watershed moment in our in addition's history. in 1963 a march and a speech by dr. martin luther king jr. led to a quantum leap in civil rights. we are joined from the lincoln memorial in washington, dc, with dead's commemoration. >> today is about the past and the fight. thousands will come here to honor the freedom marchers who stood at the very spot 50 years ago today and will hear a message of the future and hope from the nation's first black president, president obama. >> 50 years ago today, they poured into washington, by the bus loads, a march of tens of thousands, black and white, to the monument of the president would freed the slaves. their signs and voices demanding racial equality. today a celebration of progress at the lincoln memorial and a call to action on new challenges, three american presidents: jimmy carter, bill clinton and barack obama s
not have to be taken to the hospital. >>> happening today, there will be rallies in washington d.c. to commemorate the 50th anniversary on the march on washington. take a live look at washington d.c. right now where some of today's event -- we don't have a live shot. i apologize. events today are scheduled to get underway within the hour. the march on washington is where dr. martin luther king, jr. delivered his famous "i have a dream" speech. it raises information about poverty, unemployment and other social issues. the four year anniversary of the march is wednesday. the bay area will have several events commemorating the march today. in san rose the naacp is holding a short meeting followed by a one-mile march. begins at 9:00 at st. james park. oakland the bay area black worker center is sponsoring a rally at 1:00 on webster street. in san francisco an lbgt coalition is holding a meeting on city hall. it will pay respect to a gay rights leader. >>> there is a toxic backs attack on civilians and people in syria has gone vial. allen wong has the story. >> about 100 members of th
of a similar one planned for the bay area. >> panda caretakers at washington national zoo will try again today to get a close-up look at the tiny new resident, a day old panda cub. you see the birth in this video provided by the zoo. zookeepers need to do a health check t takes only a few minutes, but mamma panda hasn't given them an opportunity to take her cub, which is about the size of a stick of butter. once they do get a chance, caretakers will listen to the cub's heart and lungs, record its weight and collect a dna sample. >>> people ran for their lives during the first-ever great bull run held in the u.s. inspired by the spanish spectacle it was held yesterday at a drag racing strip in virginia. only one minor injury. that run is scheduled to be held here in the bay area next june, although there isn't a set location just yet. >>> a dazzling' sort meant of rare gems and minerals is on display this weekend in san francisco. the 59th annual san francisco gem and mineral society show continues today at the county fair building in golden gate park. the event showcases exhibits, educational
. >> washington, dc, is ordering the evacuation situation of embassy in yemen this morning over fears that al-qaeda could carry out a terrorist attack. the state department is warning all americans to leave the country immediately. the united states intercepted a emergency by al-qaeda of a plan to use vehicle bombs to attack the embassy. officials say other american and western facilities could be targeted. law enforcement officials in the united states remain on high alert and are keeping a close eye on airports and other transportation hubs. >> a rally is held in san jose demanding justice for florida teenager trayvon martin. activists are asking for civil rights charges against george zimmerman acquitted in the killing. the rally will demand justice for the people that are called "victims of a broken justice system." demonstrators calling for an end to gang injunctions, police brutality, and racial profiling. today's rally starts at 4:00 this afternoon at san jose city hall. authors in berkeley tell protesters occupying a historic post office they must vacate or face arrest. a dozen police
the budget battle being at an impasse in washington, lawmakers are taking their summer break. that's five weeks of vacation. some are calling this a do-nothing congress. by this time last year lawmakers sent 54 bills to the president, although half of those were only minor issues. this year it's even worse. as of this week the house and senate have passed 26 bills for president obama to sign into law. more any from abc news reporter david curley. >> talk about a mad dash. members of congress leaving the capitol, grabbing their bags and heading home for a five-week vacation. gone with time running out to pass some big pieces of the country's business, including a budget. >> when you are at work, you are working until you get it all done. then you go on vacation. >> citizens vacationing in the nation's capital. >> you were your vacation. >> most of us get two weeks vacation. and look at the calendar. once they return, the house will have just nine working days before the end of the budget year. the senate just a few more. >> oh, my goodness. i mean the amount of stuff, the list of important
in washington, dc, to help bright a major milestone. >> it sounds like science fiction but an entrepreneur could be the real ironman >> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:14, a look from our camera looking to the west and you can see off to the right the light, the span of the bay bridge. tomorrow night the existing bridge will be closed to attach that. more on that ahead. >> oprah and jamie foxx are among the celebrities would will join in celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. the trio join president obama and former presidents bill clinton and majority at the tribute at the lincoln memorial. the "let freedom ring" remembers dr. martin luther king jr. "i have a dream" speech and musicians are scheduled to perform, as well. >> attorneys for george zimmerman will ask the state of florida to cover some of the $300,000 in george zimmerman legal expenses. he told a newspaper yesterday that the law requires the state to pay legal costs because george zimmermans with acquitted. after a five-week trial he was ac
with 16-year-old hannah anderson. an amber alert covers california, oregon, washington and nevada and investigators have had reported sightings of the nissan. >> a dozen passengers from asiana flight 214 filed a lawsuit against the airline and boeing the maker of the 777 that crashed. the lawsuit claims boeing designed and manufactured the aircraft with defects including a faulty auto throttle and inadequate warning systems and the pilot had less than eight sedgeds warning there was a problem. it claims that bow failed to properly train and update pilots on the aircraft. when the plane crashed the attorneys say business and first-class passengers had lap belts and shoulder restrains but economy passenger had only lap belts. >> if i and my family are traveling and i have compromised safety because of the price of the ticket is an outrage. everyone deserves the same level of safety. attorney says that discrepancy needs to be corrected. >> three people are in custody in connection with blind date robberies in mountain view. three people lured men into a blind date posing at a woman w
, the tech bytes. >> the "washington post" site is back up and running after the cyber attack after being, had by the syrian electronic army, several other u.s. news lets will affected. facebook is looking to take on pay pal, allowing users to make purchases on smartphone or tablet by simply entering their facebook use are name and password. yahoo has a new app if droid devices with 24 hour and den day forecasts and flicker photos of the country conditions this >> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> now to 16-year-old hannah anderson the kidnapped san diego teen making the first public appearance since being rescued. she was swarmed by cameras as she got out of a car if lake side. she was rushed inside to thank those who gathered at a hometown restaurant for a fundraiser to help pay for the funerals of her mother and younger brother. james dimaggio kidnapped hannah after he killed her brother and mother and set the home on fire. three seven warrants released show dimaggio at a small -- had a small arsenal including lots of ammunition. >> the
are joined with our reporter in washington, dc, with more. >> good morning, the decision to close the facilities shows how confident the intelligence community is about the credibility of this threat although they do not know the exact target. >> american diplomatic outposts across the muslim world are new facing a specific and incredible threat with a dozen embassies and consulates closed on sunday including some of our biggest in egypt, iraq, and kuwait. the mass closing is the first of its kind in a decades sin the one-year anniversary of 9/11. >> individual embassies and consulates will announce whether they open and whether they are implementing a restriction or other measures. >> a senior official told abc it is a specific threat, an effort against the embassy or consulate but we do not know the specific target. officials suspect that islamic jihadists could be plotting an attack. fresh on their minds is last year's surprise assault on the consulate in benghazi, libya, with insurgents killing the ambassador and three other americans with ties to al-qaeda. at the white house,
news, authorities expanded amber alert to oregon and washington as they search for a man suspected of kidnapping a 16-year-old girl and killing her mother and possibly her 8-year-old brother. yesterday, the amber alert for james dimaggio and the any son was extend after a car matching that description was seen driving in northern california, and it was report flood was a siting in southern oregon. he could be traveling to canada. investigators say the body of children's mother was found sunday evening in a burned out home owned by dimaggio and family members believe a child's body found in the home is that of her 8-year-old brother. a preliminary hearing is scheduled in richmond for a mother charged with vehicular manslaughter if a rollover crash that killed her five-year-old daughter. authorities say the 30-year-old mother was driving on richmond parkway when she swerved to avoid a car and here five-year-old was not restrain asked thrown from the s.u.v. and killed. >> now an investigation involving crosswalk signal lights. the investigation finds that buttons you press can change
's owner was steering the buggy. >> she took off like right anything. >> lady raced down east washington street going 20 americans toward oncoming traffic. at one point a metal sign was in her way, and she barreled through it, knocking her owner out forecast buggy. >> catapulted over the top of the buck board and landed on my arm and side. i still have her line in my hand. >> the buggy then ran him over. >> this leg has road rash all over that side and looked like the buck board wheels ran over my leg. >> then cecilia was all alone in the buggy. by now she was running down the middle of the street and that's when a total stranger stepped in to help. he blocked the road with his truck. lady went around it but the buggy fell over. >> if he had not been paying attention, it could have been worse. >> he said with the girl until her mother arrived. >> he sees a child in distress and like any father he's going to step out and do what he can do. >> lady's owner didn't plant to take his horse and buggy out on city streets again. in petaluma, abc7 news. >>> authorities are not expected to release
-up items from stores he buys in washington state. he says he spends $22,000 a month, but now he's become so recognizable he has to try other source. >> i dried the l.a. run but that didn't go well and we lost a bunch of chocolate. >> trader joe's, which does not have a store in canada, is suing for trademark infringement and unfair competition. >> still to come, a medical breakthrough. the california doctor leading the charge in the treatment of fibromyalgia. and the strange tactics the federal government wants to >> welcome back. it's 5:30. we are starting with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we have starting out with low clouds and fog but we have a red flag warning that goes into effect midnight tonight through early thursday morning in the pink areas here. we are anticipating first the possibility of dry lightning burks if we take a first look at san jose right now, we are starting out with cloudy skies this afternoon. it will be a warm day, a one-day heat-up is on the day before we get into the red flag warning. mid-70s to low 80s for the eas
at the university of san francisco. the event coincides with the anniversary of august 28 of the march on washington where king gave his "i have a dream" speech 50 years ago. >> ahead, seven things to know as you start the day. >> and a plan to bring tigers to a california community and we will hearges. >>> that's "america's money." make it a great day. i'm john muller. >> good morning, whether you are just joining us or head out the door, seven thing you need to know: it is dry. live doppler 7 hd shows thunderstorms are threatening the north bay. that bring as high fire danger. two, the red flag warning has everyone on heightened alert. keep 100 feet of defensible space around your home for days like today. >> three, a massive wildfire is raging near yosemite. highway 120 is closed in both directions. more camp sites are evacuated. the fire has burned 10,000 acres and destroyed two homes. >> four, a sit in outside mayor lee's office ended when police cited dozens of protesters at city hall. many demonstrators are demanding the mayor take a public stand to keep accreditation to prevent the closure o
slowing things a bit moving toward the tunnel. in oakland, southbound 880, washington to a street, construction is blocking the lanes. westbound four is bunching up from antioch but still not a bad drive to hercules and 80 westbound to the maze looking at 15 minutes from hayward, beyond north main traveling all the way to the 24 junction, no delays here as you make your way through the san ramon valley. >> new this morning, concord police say a dangerous and distinctive armed robber has struck again after hitting two stores last note and four in the past week. detectives say he looks to be homeless. amy hollyfield has more. >> this is the pet food express one of the targets last night, in clayton shopping from in concord. last night, after the robberies happened, this is where the other store was robbed, the ups store, in the vineyardshipping center on clayton road. according to the blog the pet store was hit first at 6:00 last night and then the u.s. store at 6:30. a few days ago, to other stores in concord were robbed, sally's beauty supply and the yogurt shack and all done by t
at the national zoo in washington, dc, a giant panda club the smithsonian provided this picture of the cub. the panda weighs a little more than 4.5 ounces. yes. ounces. >> kira was a big in sync fan. >> i was. i was. that was ten years ago. >> bay area man is the center of attention at the white house today. heroic action by an east bay staff sergeant leading him to receive the highest military honor. >> two motorcyclives take a plunge off a south bay cliff and how far they fell and their conditions shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> hope you had a great weekend at 5:30. >> we will see if we can keep the good vi
wedding. she will perform it for two close friends in washington d.c. she said it will be one more statement that people who love each other should be able to enjoy the blessings and strikes of marriage. ginsburg than a supreme court justice for 20 years. >>> new this morning a bakersfield elementary school principalling is held without bail on suspicion of killing her husband. the 46-year-old leslie chantz was taken into custody yesterday. farm workers found his body in bakersfield in a field. he was shot several times. >> we believe he was shot out of the vehicle but we are trying to determine where exactly he was shot. >> she's the principal of school kids, and to commit murder. now what are the kids going to think? >> she is the principal of fairview elementary school. she's scheduled to be arraigned on tuesday. >>> bay area authorities say burglaries in several cities are most likely being committed by the same woman using the same ploy, that she's looking for snakes. several cities were victimized in recent weeks. belmont was hit thursday. she's a heavy set woman in her 30s w
anniversary 69 mar anniversary of the march on washingt washington. supporters will also be takie i off on a bus tour to build awareness of racial issues before ending in los angeles on saturday. this year's events will also pay tribute to florida teen trayvon martin who was shot and killed by george zimmerman last year. >>> and the man who helped write the "i have a dream" speech is being honored today. dr. clarence jones will be presented with a hero's award by the san francisco human rights commission. jones says his work and outreach in the civil rights movement has nothing to do with self-promotion. >> but how can i stand silently? what would martin king expect me to do? and i think of the old fable, the fable says, if the surviving lions don't tell their story, the hunters will get all the credit. >> jones was king's counsel and close confidante during the '60s and was by his side when the "i have a dream" speech was delivered. >>> san jose state university says it's raised more than $200 million from donors in its first major public fund-raising campaign. the school says it hit t
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